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As I reflect on this endeavor His secrets are reveled. The path, my path, to find my musical roots, a quest given me after His calling. In the wee hours of the night Jack calls, waking me from blissful sleep… each call becoming uncommon, his words reminding me of a gift that I had abandoned many years ago and demanding that I play again…

And so the journey began… only to discover my need to find my roots in what I thought was my music but was later to be revealed, the Roots of Gods plan…

What I now believe…. a reflection into our past, God had placed each of us together. As I reflect it becomes so clear that His plan may have been to use us for His good… but unfortunately our youthful lives took a different path of self-fulfillment as opposed to following Him… it seems His Quest was not to be fulfilled.

The beauty of Gods plan is that it was written in the Book of Life many millenniums before our existence…. we, not knowing, exercise our own will, another gift, to what I’m sure, His dismay… though maybe even that was intended for our learning and growth… In this very moment, had I not taken my path for His, I wouldn’t have been given the opportunities to do His work and touch other lives, yet to benefit me and my personal growth. And most importantly, love everyone… without the need to ask for love in return… understanding that I’ve been forgiven for my past and for my future.

It’s all too common to cite “the Lord works in mysterious ways” and yet, I find myself in awe as His mystery is revealed to me… one small piece at a time. As this quest progresses, my understanding become much more clear as to His intent and my newfound purpose, as well the calling of my comrades. We believe that this calling is real, we each have a part and our time is now. It’s not about us, but Him… and His will… It’s not about self-fulfillment and personal gain but instead, His gift of music to us, for the benefit of others.. and for the spiritual uplifting that the musical inspirations provide.

Now the illumination of our hearts and souls from the reunion of our previous band of brothers has a clear purpose and is fortified by what seems to be a never ending yet enlightening journey… an opportunity to spread His Word… to touch hearts and souls through music… the way He intended it… sowing the seeds of His love.